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My name is Anna Globan, mother of 3 littlies, head chef of our household, official nose wiper, lead nappy changer, chief scooter and bike riding instructor, master referee, principal cleaner, sore knee kisser and belly rubber, tantrum distracter and talented duplo constructor …… sound a little familiar?

With a background in food marketing together with a passion for good wholesome food it became important to me to provide nutritious meals to my growing children and subsequently to other families who’s lives are just as busy and chaotic as ours!

Parenthood can be tricky enough without the added worry of finding time to cook healthy, nutritious meals for super fussy toddlers & children ……… whilst giving them all the attention they need and crave!

Toddler Tucker meals are packed full of vegies, using fresh local ingredients with no added preservatives, colours, flavours, salt or sugar. Cooked in a certified commercial kitchen where the meals are snap frozen on the day they are made to retain all the important nutrients!

These home-style meals are quick, easy to heat and are great for fussy eaters because there‘s so much variety. These meals have been tested and re-tested on many fussy babies, toddlers and kids over the last 7 years. Hooray for less food battles! Did I say Hooray for less food battles!

We have been delivering to busy families since 2008, this is guilt free convenience at its best!!!!

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