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Meal Information

Is there a minimum order quantity?

Yes the minimum order value is $40.

What age are the meals suitable for?

Our meals are suitable for Children ages 12 months+.

What are the cooking instructions?

Defrost in the fridge over night or defrost in the microwave for approximately 2 minutes. Before heating snip the corner of the bag. Cook on high for approximately 45 seconds, heated to 75 degrees. Let cool a little stir and test temperature by tasting. Please discard if not consumed after 2 days of being thawed or by Best Before date. 

What if my child eats more or less than the serving size you provide?

By defrosting the meal in the fridge rather than the microwave, you can reheat only the required amount and keep the remainder for the following day – once thawed, it must be used within two days. By looking at some of the serving suggestions you can increase the size of the meal by adding side salads, some extra steamed vegetables or finishing the meal with some fruit and yoghurt. 

How long do the meals last frozen?

All meals have a Best Before date on them they should not be consumed past this date. All our meals are made using the freshest ingredients we can source and snap frozen on the day they are made to retain all the nutritional value.

There are so many meals, I don’t know what to choose, can I get help?

Of course, you can always contact us for some advice on which meals to choose for your child, but ultimately, you know your child better than anyone else.
If your child is already at the Toddler Tucker stage, start off with meals similar to what you’re already feeding them at home. Gradually, you can introduce your child to new tastes and help develop their palate. What a great way to get in the variety they need!
Don’t forget, your child may refuse new foods up to 10 times before they accept it, so just keep trying!