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Posted by Toddler Tucker on

I am the mother of a fussy 19 month old that wouldn't accept a lot of textured food and even though he could eat snacks, his main meals had to be pureed or mashed to nothing. I spent money on books meant to give you ideas and recipes to cook for fussy toddlers, but my frustration at spending time in the kitchen and having it all spat out was more than I could bear and I gave up feeding him purees as that's what he wanted.

I bought a batch of your yummy toddler meals recently and started putting it in front of him and letting him play with it and sometimes even managing to feed him 2 or 3 spoons. What he didn't eat, I did because your meals are very yummy, even for mummies. I was surprised that it really tastes like home cooked food, you do a great job. Anyway, back to my little man. It took about 4 weeks but he's finally coming around and today he sat there and ate a whole bowl of your cheese and ham macaroni by himself using a spoon (!!!). I am proud of him and happy I stumbled into your company online.

I just want to say thank you for providing such an outstanding service and such a delicious convenience to us busy mums.