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Which Bloody Milk!

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Which Bloody Milk!

Which bloody milk???? Paleo, vegan, cows milk protein allergy, lactose intolerance, have milk or not to have milk? That seems to be the question. With dairy still the most available source of calcium in our diet (calcium from plant foods can be poorly absorbed) theres no reason to not have milk unless:

  1. you suspect it is causing a reaction such as hives, swelling, wheezing or diarrhoea/constipation - this could be cows milk protein allergy (CMPA) or intolerance (CMPI),
  2. soon after having milk your child has stomach pain and/or wind (from bloating) followed by watery diarrhoea- this could be lactose intolerance (lactose is the carbohydrate in milk -not to be confused with protein intolerance)
  3. you are following a vegan (no animal products) or paleo (no grain, legumes or dairy) way of eating.

Cows milk has a number of nutrients great for growing bodies,- protein, calcium, & vitamin B12 to name a few- so if you are going to choose dairy alternatives, Its good to know what they do and dont contain so you can make an informed choice.




Other Considerations

Cow’s milk

Regular (4% fat)

Reduced fat (1-2% fat)

Skim (0.1% fat)

Contains high quality protein, Vitamins A & B12, Phosphorus, potassium, riboflavin magnesium, zinc

Choosing lower fat does not affect the calcium content i.e. skim milk is not watered down regular milk. Does contain saturated fat- less if reduced fat is used

Lactose free milk

Nutritionally the same as other cows milk but the lactose has been broken down

Can be tolerated by people who have lactose intolerance

Tastes a little bit sweeter

A2 Milk

Nutritionally the same as other cows milk but with only A2 type of Casein protein.

Can help people who report tummy troubles/discomfort after regular milk

Increased cost.

Not lactose free.

Soy milk

Made from soy beans. Available in regular or reduced fat. Contains variable amounts of isoflavones/phytoestrogens*

Contains a high quality protein in similar amounts to cow’s milk

Suitable for vegans.

Lactose free

low in saturated fat

People with CMPI/CMPA may also react to the protein in soy milk. Lower in carbohydrate than cow’s milk. Low glycemic index. Look for a soy milk that is calcium fortified.

Lactose free


made from rice, may be protein enriched

Around 1% fat (low saturated fat)

The lowest allergy milk


Very low in protein, highest in carbohydrate compared to other milks. High glycemic index


Almond milk

made from almonds Around 1.2% fat (low saturated fat)

Low in kilojoules and may have vitamin E

Despite being made from almonds, it has a low protein content. Low glycemic Index.



contains beta glucan which can help cholesterol lowering

Contains fibre- oaty taste. Thin consistency. moderate glycemic index

*Phytoestrogens exert an extremely ‘weak’ oestrogen effect, in fact acting to dilute the effect of oestrogen in our bodies, not increase it!

 Each different type of milk has a different taste and a different benefit. So feel free to experiment with the different flavours in your childs diet!

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